Is Oriental Medicine Mysterious?

St. Louis Acupuncture

People usually tend to come to hospitals when they feel that something is wrong with their body, and they anguish about treatment methods. Many follow the old saying that you are better off publicizing your health problems, people try to get and apply medical tips from others. If the tips help or cure their medical problems, they are communicated to others.

Disease has existed since man was created and will exist forever.

We live in an environment where disease is becoming more difficult to confront, and wonder if there are other solutions for treatment. Alternative medicine is obtaining more attention in treatment of chronic and difficult diseases.

Alternative, or Eastern medicine, includes treatment using acupuncture, meditation, and Chinese herbal treatments. This discussion will focus on the treatment modalities of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

  • In the Oriental medicine field, we believe that complete treatment means restoring bodily functions naturally to their original function
  • Chinese herbal medicine is focused at adjusting the body system so that it can maintain the balance of the negative and positive
  • The intent of treatments is to strengthen the body's immune system and build resistance to disease
  • Diagnostic methods include evaluation of the patients pulse (by monitoring pulse patterns and type at various points on the wrist) and evaluation of color and texture patterns of the tongue as an indication of the health of internal organs
  • The diagnostic techniques provide information to guide the practitioner to acupuncture needling points and/or selection of the appropriate Chinese herbs
  • For acute symptoms, results can usually be achieved through several treatments utilizing acupuncture and Chinese herbs
  • Generally, Oriental medicine is more effective for solving fundamental functional problems, while Western medicine is effective for handling outright disease or trauma, including surgery
  • Strengthening self-healing power is the shortcut for speeding recovery and preventing disease
  • Structure and balance of the diet is an important component of Oriental medicine to support self-healing