Testimonials from our Patients

One of our patients, Rose Marie Gutermuth, sent the following recommendation letter to Dawn R. Beahl, Surgical Assistant/Acupuncture Coordinator of The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (KBML).

Dear Ms. Beahl,

I want to commend one of your acupuncturists. His name is Dr. Dail Yoon. He practiced in Louisville, KY. [now in St. Louis, MO]

Recently I was taking treatments under his care for a large assortment of problems. I had never been to an acupuncturist before and was understandably nervous about my first visit. He put me to ease immediately and quickly gained my trust.

He is extremely knowledgable in the ways of acupuncture and herbal medical treatment. I know this because of the results he got while treating me. When I first went to him I had no energy, many problems with my internal organs, a constant headache, sinus problems, dizziness, and chronic back pain, just to name a few. I went to him for several sessions and have improved in many areas due to his treatments. Unfortunately, he moved before he could complete all the treatments I needed. However, I was taking over 10 prescription drugs before seeing him, now I'm down to 2 a day. I believe that if he had not moved, I would eventually be off all medications and have almost all my health problems solved. Before seeing him, I shuffled around my home, many days barely able to walk. Now, I take a short walk every day. Hopefully I can continue until I am walking a mile a day.

Again, I want to stress how beneficial these treatments were. I don't think they would have been as successful if it weren't for Dr. Yoon's extensive knowledge of acupuncture techniques and herbal treatments. I thought it important that he be recognized for his commitment to his profession and his talent in healing people and making their lives better.The world needs more good, caring people like him.

Rose Marie Gutermuth